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We provide greater access to justice by taking on clients on a legal aid basis

Am I Eligible for Legal Aid?

If you are eligible for legal aid, we would be happy to take your case pursuant to a legal aid grant.

Legal Aid grants may cover Early Resolution Assistance (mediation before Court proceedings are commenced) or representation in Court proceedings.

If you know that you are eligible for Legal Aid (i.e. Legal Aid has confirmed this with you), please send us your name and contact details and we will contact you to discuss your case.

Please assist us by completing the Legal Aid PDF form with all your relevant details as we will need this information when applying for your grant.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for Legal Aid, follow the link here to complete the means test provided by Legal Aid.

Child Custody

We help you resolve parenting arrangements so you can establish a clear path forward and have a meaningful relationship with your children.

Child Support

We help you to set in place child support obligations that are fair, whether privately by agreement, or publicly through the Child Support Agency.


We help you close one chapter of your life and commence a new one, giving you closure and peace of mind so you can start afresh.