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Divorce marks the end of your marriage and the start of a new phase. Our aim is to give effect to this process as efficiently as possible, lightening your burden so you can start afresh.

Commonly Asked Child Support Questions

Who is responsible for child support?
Any person who is legally declared a “parent” of a child. This includes adoptive parents, as well as parents of children born from artificial conception procedures.
My partner and I have agreed privately on child support, what now?
To give effect to a private agreement, you may wish to enter into a Binding Child Support Agreement. This is a legally binding document signed by both parents after having each received independent legal advice.

This document can set out the amount of periodic child support payable, as well as how other expenses are to be paid (e.g. private health or private education).

What does child support cover?
Child support can cover expenses such as clothing, food and education. Once a parent receives the child support payment, it is ultimately up to them to decide on how the money is allocated.
How is child support calculated?

The level of child support is calculated upon several factors, including: the costs of raising children; the incomes of both parents; the self-support expenses of the parents; the number of nights each parent has the children in their care.

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How do I get child support payments started?

If you want the Child Support Agency – the government – to collect child support from the other parent, begin the required Application to get the process started.

Alternatively, if you wish to implement a private child support agreement, we can assist with this. Tell us more about your case and we will then advise you of the best alternatives.

I have received a letter from the Child Support Agency notifying me of a child support increase, what can I do?
If you believe the increase in child support is a mistake, you can write to the Registrar of the Child Support Agency to seek an appeal of the decision.

If the decision is upheld, your only recourse then is to seek a higher, administrative review via the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

When does the obligation to pay child support end?
Either when the child turns 18 or becomes a “member of a couple”, or when a terminating event occurs such as adoption.
Still have more queries? Download our “Child Support Pack” which explores in greater detail how Child Support is considered in Australian Family Law.

Child Support Fees

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We help you close one chapter of your life and commence a new one, giving you closure and peace of mind so you can start afresh.

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