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I am a solicitor who focuses exclusively on family law matters, specifically child custody cases. I provide my clients with upfront, transparent and reasonable fixed fees. My aim is to help you resolve your legal issue as soon and effectively as possible. I will listen attentively to your needs and carefully guide you through the legal process.

Who is Nic?

My name is Nick, the Principal Solicitor and Owner of Fuentes Legal.
I believe that when you hire a lawyer you deserve two things: an advocate that cares, and timely, effective results.
I will work with you to get the best outcome in a less-than-perfect system, and explore opportunities for resolution at every turn. Together we will resolve – not stall – your case.

Exploring Alternatives to Litigation

Not every case needs to end up in Court. In fact, most don’t belong there. Chances are that yours doesn’t, either. Together we will explore alternatives to Court, which may look like mediation or negotiation between solicitors. I am equipped to represent you in mediations out of Court to resolve your dispute. If an agreement is reached, Orders can then be filed with the Court. My ultimate goal is to have you out of the legal system with as little damage to you and your family as possible.

What I will do

  • I will advocate and put forward your position.
  • I will provide you with realistic appraisals, not fictions.
  • I will tell you what is possible.
  • I will respect your input.
  • I will listen to your concerns.
  • I will offer you a different perspective.
  • I will provide solutions, not add to your problems.
  • I will work effectively, not stall.
  • I will be transparent with you – no hidden agendas.
  • I will give you legal solutions first.
  • I will strategise with you.
  • I will care.

Upfront, Transparent, Fixed Pricing

I’m not one for billable hours and charging you in 6 minute increments.

I stand by upfront, transparent, fixed pricing, this way you know what you are paying for.

By this approach we can focus on the destination.

We’ll get there by the most efficient road possible.

No windy detours to increase the fare.

Proven Experience

I’m well equipped to handle wherever your case goes.

This could mean negotiating in a mediation out of Court, or advocating for your position in Court.

I’ve had experience handling all aspects of custody cases, from start to finish.

Personalised Attention

I manage my general caseload to ensure quality is retained.

You will deal exclusively with me during your case.

You won’t have to tell your story 5 different times to different people.

Rest assured, your case will not get lost in a big organisation.

It’s as personal as it gets.